Fashion Trends in Beaded Jewelry and MoreInfo on Birthstones, Gem Care and More

  • Keep all jewelry with semi-precious stones and crystals in a Zip Lock® bag for protection.

  • The safest technique for most jewelry is to rinse each piece in a solution of soapy warm water. You can scrub each item with a very soft brush (if needed). Rinse with warm water and lay the jewelry out to dry on a towel.

  • For stones such as amber, bone, coral, horn, ivory, and pearls NEVER use ultrasonic cleaners, as they will cause permanent damage to the beads. The same is true for opals and turquoise, which are very soft semi-precious stones. When using an ultrasonic cleaner, be sure to follow the directions!

  • Always check the instructions on your jewelry cleaning solution before cleaning any items with stones. Some stones, such as turquoise and freshwater pearls cannot be placed in most jewelry cleaning solutions.

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while bathing or swimming.

  • Use lotions and perfumes before putting on your jewelry. Some solutions can discolor gems.

  • Special care should be taken with pearls. They are much more fragile than most gem stones.

  • Clean pearls with a clean, dry, soft cloth after wearing them.


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